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Take Your Infrastructure To Its Peak


What is Hye Ararat?

Hye Ararat is the next generation of container and virtual machine management. It is your one-stop shop for single application containers, full system containers, and KVM instances. All built on the incredible Incus platform.

Why choose Hye Ararat?

All In One

Hye Ararat is a single application container, full system container, and KVM instance manager all in one package.

High Performant

Ararat was built from the ground up with performance in mind. Infact, we deploy instances 1034.61% faster than our leading competitor.

Built for Scale

Whether you are looking to run just one instance or one thousand, Ararat was built to handle your needs.

Powerful API

Ararat provides an incredible powerful API that allows you to integrate it into your applications and automate tasks easily.

Free and Open Source

Hye Ararat is free to use and it's codebase is open source!

Lots of Control

Ararat gives you a massive amount of control over what how your setup actually functions.


What are you waiting for?