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Introducing Hye Ararat Yergu

ยท 2 min read
Joseph Maldjian

Sleeker, faster, and more efficient, Hye Ararat Yergu is a breakthrough in infrastructure management.

Radically New Architecture

Hye Ararat Yergu brings a brand new architectural system to the table. Ararat is built on the incredible LXD platform, but in previous versions (in order for proper authentication), we had to re-make every LXD endpoint and add our own checks on each endpoint, leading to unexpected bugs and slowdowns. Now, no longer. Hye Ararat Yergu ships with OIDC authentication, and communicates directly with LXD. This means that Hye Ararat Yergu ships with the stability of LXD, and much better performance as it no longer needs to jump through hoops to get things done, making Yergu the most performant Hye Ararat yet.

Completely New Design

Hye Ararat Yergu ships with a completely new design language. Optimized for greater flexibility device sizes, Yergu lets you work whether you are on the go, or on the big screen. Hye Ararat Yergu also fits complex information into compact spaces while mainting visual comfort and flexibility, leaving the days of constantly switching between pages behind.

Instance Networks

Reverse Proxy Support

Reverse proxies are a huge part of everyday infrastructure, and using a third-party tool to manage them just doesn't cut it. Hye Ararat Yergu allows you to manage your reverse proxies directly from the platform, giving you a unified space to manage all of your cloud infrastructure.

Those are the biggest features in changes in Hye Ararat Yergu! There are many more that I will leave you to discover. Try installing Hye Ararat Yergu now using the documentation!